From Entebbe Airport, take a cab !

  • By Airport Taxi: This is was the ‘Uganda Uber’ before the US knew about Uber. Its reliable, especially from the airport to a destination in and around Kampala. The cost of Airport Taxi will be in the range of $24-$44. This highly depends on the number of people travelling and the exact dropping off point.
  • By Uber: It’s the best way to get around Kampala. Download the app and get a ride in minutes.
  • By Friendship Taxi “Special Hire” vehicles: These can be hired to take customers to a specific destination.
  • By Taxis “matatus”: The matatus are 14-seater minibuses, often white with blue stripes. They usually drive along predetermined routes.
  • By Safe Boda: These are motorbikes which drop customers at their destinations.

These vary from large international buses traveling between Kampala and Nairobi or Dar Es Salaam to seventy-seater buses traveling between the larger towns in Uganda and to and from Kampala.