Shared Ownership Success Story: Adam’s Journey to a Modern Home

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With the Shared Ownership scheme helping first-time buyers take the life-changing step onto the property ladder, Dominion by Places for People has been popular amongst those starting their homeownership journey. 

This was the case for Adam (35), a retail manager at a high-street fashion brand, who found himself in a position where he needed to find somewhere to live quickly, following the breakdown of his relationship. 

Adam purchased a 67% share of a two-bedroom home, has monthly outgoings of less than £550, and has already started saving to purchase another 10% share.

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What made you choose the Shared Ownership scheme with Places for People?

“When I started looking for a house for myself, I thought a new build home would be a great option as I could move quickly and not worry about relying on other people’s chains. I had heard of the Shared Ownership scheme as my friend bought a home using it and I felt it would work well for me.

“The price point of Shared Ownership properties in Doncaster gave me an extra £30,000 to work with than if I was to buy privately."

“I was keen to stay in the area and needed a home which also suited my Bedlington Parson Russell Terrier, Lunè, and two cats.”

What was your first impression when viewing the property?

“I was impressed with the standard of the specification at Dominion as it was higher quality than other Shared Ownership homes I had seen. The idea of a blank canvas was exciting to me as I knew I needed to buy all new furniture, so being able to start fully afresh in a brand-new home was the perfect option.

“I also loved the modern conveniences available, especially the fully furnished kitchen and energy-efficient features."

“After visiting the show home, I purchased a two-bedroom house with a 56-foot-long garden – it has one of the largest plots in the development!”

What do you enjoy the most about the house?

“I was one of the first to move into Dominion, which meant I could get settled and then see all my neighbours move in.

“I’ve also enjoyed decorating to add my own style and really like the large windows which allow natural light to flood in. Lunè and I both enjoy spending time in the garden especially as we get lots of sunlight each day from mid-afternoon. It’s such a wonderful size and I’m looking to add an area of patio and an outhouse in the future.”

Why was the Shared Ownership scheme a good option for you?

“My home was on sale for £174,500 and I purchased 67%, mainly because I wanted to own the majority so that I had more control.

“I put down a £10,000 deposit and my monthly costs currently come to less than £550, including my mortgage, rent, and the service charge. I am aiming to staircase to 100% outright ownership, and I am currently in the process of saving to increase my share by 10%, which will be a great step forward.”

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How do you find the location of your Shared Ownership home?

“I’m so happy to still live in the City of Doncaster, as it perfectly suits my lifestyle. The local area is quiet and peaceful, and I have an easy commute to work in Rotherham on the tram and train. It is also close to the motorway, which will be really convenient in the future when I learn to drive.

“This area is more upmarket than where I used to live, and it’s perfectly placed within a five-minute walk of Tesco and Morrisons.”

What was your experience of the process with Places for People?

“The process of purchasing my home was easy and simple, thanks to the helpful Places for People team at Dominion.

“Even though I have moved in and am fully settled, I continue to receive regular check-ins from the team to make sure everything is running smoothly. The Shared Ownership scheme has made buying this home possible and I look forward to my future living here at Dominion.”

Homes at Dominion start at £148,500 for a two-bedroom apartment. Find out more information about the two, three and four-bedroom homes available through Shared Ownership at Dominion in Doncaster, or call 07812 623 568.

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