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Moving out

Published on 08 February 2022

Give notice

You'll need to give us at least 4 weeks’ written notice before you want to move out. Find further details about the process.  

Leave the property tidy 

We’ll make an appointment with you to visit before you move out. We'll also offer advice on how to leave the property clean, tidy and in a good condition, and notify you on how to return your keys. You should remove all: 

  • White goods  
  • Furnishings - including blinds and curtains 
  • Personal items 
  • Non-standard items  
  • Carpets (at our discretion)  

Further removal of items may be applicable and will be discussed following the end of your tenancy appointment/inspection. 

You should also ensure the property is left: 

  • In good decorative order 
  • Clean and tidy 
  • With outdoor spaces tidy and free from rubbish 
  • With lofts cleared if you have one

Please leave all internal fittings such as doors, fires, light sockets, and cooker points. If the property has not been left in a good condition, you may receive a bill with the rechargeable costs.  

Finally, please ensure that nobody is living in your home when you move out. If there is, they’ll be evicted, and you'll be charged for our legal costs.  

Returning keys

One of our colleagues will let you know where to leave your keys at the final inspection. This will be one of the following places:

In the key safe at your property If you don't currently have a key safe, our team may install one during your notice period. If we’re unable to install a key safe, we’ll advise of alternate arrangements for returning your keys. 

Posted to one of our offices We’ll provide you with a prepaid envelope to post your keys. Please make sure you do this in time for them to arrive on the termination date. We’ll continue to charge you rent until we’ve got all the keys to the property. 

England:  Our colleagues will tell you where to send them. 

1 Hay Avenue 
EH16 4RW 

Tell your suppliers 

Make sure you give notice to your gas, water, electricity, telephone, and internet providers, and arrange final meter readings and payments. You should also: 

  • Turn off all taps including the stop tap if possible 
  • Inform the council tax office and the benefit office if you're claiming benefit 
  • Remove any satellite dishes, telephones, and internet equipment 

Redirect your mail 

Inform all services of your change of address, including your doctor’s surgery and bank. And to ensure you don’t miss out on any important mail, you can apply to redirect it via the Royal Mail website.  

Pay your rent 

You’ll need to have paid all rent due for your tenancy. Failure to do so may affect any future housing applications. 

Clearing the house if someone dies

Please tell us if you're responsible for clearing a property when a friend or relative dies. You'll need to let us know when you'll be returning the keys and contact our customer service centre to pay any outstanding rent.  
Please note, rent continues to be payable until all keys have been handed in. Places for People reserves the right to claim any outstanding sums from the estate of the deceased. If your friend or relative was claiming universal credit and/or housing benefit, this will end upon notification of their death.