Shared Equity

Buy and own the Scotland home of your dreams for less.

With the Shared Equity scheme, you can buy your new home with a lower deposit and mortgage and access an equity loan to make up the remainder.  

The scheme – which operates in Scotland only – means you can effectively buy a brand-new home without having to pay the full price.  

Find your new Shared Equity home

Speak to our Sales team in Scotland at the development you are interested in to find out if we have Shared Equity properties available.

Shared Equity FAQs

Who provides the loan?

The equity loan is provided by Places for People Scotland and the Scottish Government. 

Who owns the property?

You do. You’ll own 100% of the property and there’ll be no rent to pay. 

When do I have to repay the loan?

The loan will be a set percentage of the property’s value. So when you come to sell your house in future, you’ll pay back the same percentage of the sale price. 

For example, if you have a 20% equity loan on a house worth £200,000, you will have borrowed £40,000 as the equity loan and the remaining 80% will be funded by a combination of your deposit and mortgage. 

When you sell your house you will pay back the equity loan. If your house is worth £220,000 when you sell it you’ll pay back 20% of the current market value e.g. £44,000. In this example, your own equity will have also increased in value. 

What restrictions are there on the loan?

There are only a few. You must not own any other properties and this property must be your principal residence. You are not allowed to rent out the property or take in a lodger. You must not remortgage without our permission, and you have to repay the equity loan before you can release any equity for other purposes.

How do I apply?

In the first place, talk to our Sales team. They’ll take your details and refer you to an independent mortgage broker or independent financial advisor, who’ll talk to you about the various options available and take you through the application process. So you’ll get all the help you need. 

*Shared Equity can be offered between 60% and 80%. These are indicative costs, subject to change and subject to affordability and credit checks. These costs were last checked on 25 August 2023. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. We recommend taking advice from a qualified independent mortgage broker or financial advisor, who will find the right deal for your buying circumstances. 

Finding Shared Equity houses near me

There are developments in Scotland offering Shared Equity properties to eligible homebuyers. So, that brand-new home could soon be yours.

Shared Equity houses to buy

If you’re looking for a new-build property through Shared Equity, these are some of our most popular developments.

  • Black Isle View
    2 - 3 Bedrooms
    £ 225,000 - 250,000
  • Chapelton
    3 - 4 Bedrooms
    £ 250,000 - 352,500
  • Tornagrain
    3 - 4 Bedrooms
    £ 315,000 - 430,000