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Future Homes Consortium

The Future Homes Consortium was established by David Cowans, former Chief Executive, Places for People Group, in July 2021. Member organisations come together, on a monthly basis, with the aim of fostering collaboration on the key issues facing the sector. Currently there are 17 developers and housing associations from the UK property sector that have joined forces to form the Future Homes Consortium.  

Members share their knowledge and experience with a desire to innovate in relation to building safety, environmental sustainability, carbon net-zero and customer insights and experience. Collectively, the consortium is focussed on finding practical solutions to improve existing homes and the future provision of homes. 

The Future Homes Consortium draws on the expertise, experience and networks of its members and seeks to identify partners nationally and globally to create synergies in resources to further its aim. The group adopts a practical approach and focus on commissioning research, innovating, and collectively procuring products and services which deliver best value and can be embedded in the UK’s existing and new social housing stock. 


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