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Tenant Satisfaction Measures Survey

At Places for People your voice matters.

We pride ourselves on creating, abiding, and upkeeping our People Promises.  As part of this commitment, it’s important that we gather Customer feedback on our performance to make meaningful improvements to our services.

It’s also vital that other organisations like Places for People collect the same data from their Customers, so as a sector, we can understand our strengths and weaknesses.

In April 2023, the Regulator of Social Housing introduced performance measures called Tenant Satisfaction Measures, or TSMs for short. These measurements aim to hold housing providers accountable for the quality of housing and services they provide while giving Customers greater visibility of their performance against sector standards.

What are Tenant Satisfaction Measures?

The TSMs are a list of 22 topics that all social housing providers in England must report on annually. These topics range from repair wait times, complaints handling, and Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB). 


These 22 measures are split into two parts: 


  • 10 performance based measures – collected through management performance information
  • 12 measures collected directly from Customer surveys - the results of which will be visible for everyone to view online. 

Key areas covered by the TSMs include: 


  • Overall satisfaction  
  • Keeping properties in good order
  • Maintaining building safety  
  • Safety checks
  • Respectful and helpful engagement
  • Effective handling of complaints/ASB
  • Responsible neighbourhood management  

What's next? 

As the UK’s leading Social Enterprise, we take the thoughts and feelings of our Customers very seriously. As a result, we’ll be asking for feedback from all our Customers

But don’t worry, there’s nothing for you to do just yet. When it's time, we’ll contact you by email, telephone, postal survey, or a face-to-face house call to collect your comments on our performance.

What happens to your answers? 

We will take the information you provide and use it to identify where we need to make improvements, meaning you’ll have the opportunity to shape our future plans.

The surveys are strictly confidential, and your responses will be given back to us anonymously, without your name or other identifying information, unless you give your permission at the end of the survey.

If you’d like to learn more about Tenant Satisfaction Measures, please visit the Government’s website.